At AIS, we offer thermal insulation for specialist applications including subsea equipment, risers or decks, and thermal conservation for industrial, HVAC, and oil and gas markets. Our range also includes solutions for winterisation and acoustic protection.

We have specialised in thermal insulation for over 20 years and can accommodate bespoke needs. This means no matter the size of your system, our solutions can ensure minimal heat loss and deliver cost-saving insulation for all markets.

Whether you are looking to mitigate condensation on a valve, need flow assurance for manifolds or HVAC insulation for industrial facilities, or have any other thermal insulation requirement, we have global capabilities, making us the go-to company for energy efficiency.

Why AIS?

Innovative technology. Global capabilities.

AIS is a global leader in innovative thermal insulation solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our systems deliver significant cost benefits with no compromise on performance.

Straightforward application

AIS thermal insulation solutions are easy to apply and fit. Any specific hand-tooling will be made in-house by us delivering significant time and cost savings.

Cost effective protection

Our insulation solutions are designed and tailored to specific project requirements to deliver cost effective protection.

Slimline protection

AIS thermal insulation solutions are slimline and lightweight by design, making them ideal for protection in congested settings.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


ContraTherm® C55 manifold insulation

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Complex subsea structures benefit from ContraTherm® C55 insulation

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ContraTherm® C55 shrouds insulate complex subsea structures

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