Battery testing service

AIS offers a complete Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery testing service. This includes destructive and non-destructive testing of cells, modules, and high-voltage packs, to replicate the challenging and potentially destructive conditions that Li-ion batteries are subjected to during their lifecycle. In addition, our expertise in passive fire protection enables us to advise on the best solution to protect your battery system.  

From a single test to complete system development, our battery testing service enables you to meet safety criteria and mitigate a thermal event.

Why AIS?

A combination of flexible testing and innovative technology

AIS is unique in the marketplace. Our in-house service includes independent battery abuse testing and, if required, the development of unique anti-propagation materials, tailored to your needs.

Custom testing

Our flexible service and collaborative approach take the strain out of testing. This can include collection, setup and build, testing, tear down, post-test analysis, and recycling.

Comprehensive service

In addition to independent testing, we offer material development and testing to deliver battery architecture you can depend on. You can get your product to market faster with our unparalleled speed of development and thorough testing.


We offer a complete battery testing service, at both an investigative R&D and homologation level. This includes climatic and life testing, abuse testing, and module and pack tear down and recycling.

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