Product specifications

C-Ling® uses an innovative sealing interface, tolerant to manufacturing inconsistencies, marine growth, foreign objects, and the subsea environment. It provides a perfect hermetic seal, creates an oxygen-depleted environment, inhibits corrosion without electricity, and minimises O&M costs.

  • Unique hydrophilic material that can swell up to 1500% the size of its original volume
  • Fit and forget - no electricity costs or ongoing maintenance
  • The hydrophilc compound has been developed to work from PH1 to PH14
  • Solution complies with DNV recommended practice
  • Once sealed, the internal water column is increased beyond the highest astronomical tide, so a positive pressure head locks the system in place for the lifetime of the project.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Extend operational life

Resealing foundations to prolong lifetime of windfarm.

Self-healing system

To protect against marine growth.

Repair and retrofit

Quick and easy to install over failed seals.

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