Foundation sealing

A fit and forget corrosion mitigation solution, suitable for both retrofit and new applications, that prevents freshwater exchange into the foundation. Lowered from the lower work platform over foundation cable penetrations, C-Ling® can be installed while the wind turbine generator remains operational.

Why AIS?

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C-Ling® is designed to address the root cause of internal corrosion issues without acidification of, and the deposit of dissolved metals into, the water column. Providing a solution for the full life of the asset with no requirement to replenish or replace the seals after installation.

Environmentally friendly

Cathodic protection solutions release heavy metals into the water column. C-Ling® produces no gaseous (eg CO₂ or H₂S) or metal pollutants when compared with other solutions.  After initial stabilisation the water inside the foundation becomes benign. 


A self-healing material, which can swell up to 1000% by volume, both marine growth and manufacturing tolerances do not prevent   C-Ling® from establishing a watertight seal.

Fit and forget

C-Ling® is installed in a single offshore campaign and does not have any consumable elements that subsequently require additional campaigns to ensure continued protection.

Once stabilised, a C-Ling® solution requires no ventilation prior to entry of the monopile.  

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