OSS underdeck protection

A robust, simple to install, and lightweight thermal insulation system that is capable of withstanding harsh marine environments and reduces operation and maintenance costs in offshore wind structures.

ContraFlame® MS200 is a lightweight, solid, closed-cell, ‘A’ rated underdeck thermal insulation system that is designed for offshore use and requires zero maintenance during the lifetime of the asset.

Why AIS?

Highly effective solutions in use worldwide

Single point responsibility and warranty for materials and application. Up to 60% weight reduction when compared to other underdeck insulation solutions with zero maintenance for the lifetime of the asset – providing unparalleled lifetime costs.

Fully bonded

The fully bonded ContraFlame® MS200 foam coupled with the GRP laminate top layer prevents water ingress eliminating the potential for corrosion under insulation (CUI) problems.


Proven, long-term (25 years +) materials performance coupled with improved thermal conductivity and jointless outer laminate means our system outperforms alternative systems and reduces warranty risks exposure.

Maintenance free

Once installed, outside of routine survey and inspection activity is truly maintenance-free for the full design life of the offshore asset.

Success story

A 20 year track record


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