Fire protection solutions for the automotive industry

AIS develops solutions that protect against extreme internal and external heat sources, such as battery propagation and panfire scenarios. These solutions can help hybrid and electric vehicle (EVs) OEMs to meet rigorous safety standards, such as ECE R100 and GB 38031-2020.

Why AIS?

Providing the competitive edge

Our bespoke engineering has enabled us to develop proven and patented technologies to help mitigate the risk of fire therefore increasing the safety of electric vehicles.


Innovative solutions that protect cells during extreme events whilst ensuring the electric vehicle's range will not be compromised.

Prevent thermal propagation

AIS solutions prevent thermal propagation in lithium-ion batteries at a module and pack level by containing thermal runaway within an individual cell.

In-house testing

Conducting a range of testing on-site has ensured our team have a sound understanding of fire impact and behaviour, allowing them to make highly informed development decisions. 

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