ContraTherm® C55 shrouds insulate complex subsea structures

Our client required insulation for subsea gas field structures. The insulation needed to be removable to enable maintenance work so an engineered covered solution was preferred to standard wet insulation. We used ContraTherm® C55 shrouds to provide the insulation performance and mechanical properties required.


The highlights

Range of insulation parts

12 specific equipment parts were insulated, requiring 48 different insulation parts.

Over 215 kgs

The largest single part weighed 215 kgs.

1.5m x 1.6m x 1.6m

The dimensions of the largest part.



AIS was responsible for the thermal and mechanical design of the insulation covers. These covers were applied to SSIV gate valves, anchor flanges and double block sensors sized for both 8” and 20” pipes.

Additionally, sealing systems were fitted at each joint within the insulation system. This would prevent heat loss between components and between the shrouds and the structures themselves.

Our bespoke pressure relief valve system was incorporated into each structure to enable equalisation of hydrostatic pressure after subsea installation. We also used strapping systems to secure the insulation shrouds in place. Also, integral lifting eyes were provided in each shroud to aid safe handling.



“We are very impressed with the performance of AIS. You have been a very easy subcontractor to work with, and your well organised, flexible and proactive approach has been appreciated by all involved.”

Client Buyer



Our team delivered the shrouds to site where an AIS engineer oversaw the safe installation of each piece onto the SSIV structures.

From design through to delivery and installation we ensured our client was provided with a seamless insulation solution.  Despite a very short schedule with significant time constraints, our solution met the flow assurance requirement.

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