Complex subsea structures benefit from ContraTherm® C55 insulation

Our customer, based in Scotland, required a mixture of fixed and removable subsea insulation for their field, which was in a high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) environment.  

The structure of their manifold was complex, comprising a series of non-standard geometries including numerous valves, sensors, pipework, and clamps.  Idemanded insulation with a material that could be applied by hand as it was not possible to apply mould tooling which application of other materials would require.  


The highlights

Highly complex geometry

The structures to be insulated were so complex that a pour in place solution was not feasible.  ContraTherm® C55 hand applied material suitable for high temperatures was the only practical solution. 

Short lead time

The project had a demanding schedule.  By using ContraTherm® C55 hand applied material, we eliminated the mould tool design and fabrication element from the programme, saving significant time. 

In-house application team

Utilising our highly experienced in-house application team meant that mobilisation to site was very quick.  Their extensive experience kept the project to its demanding schedule. 



As high temperature environment was a significant factor for this project, the excellent thermal properties of ContraTherm® C55, including its ability to provide protection in temperatures up to +185°C, offered the perfect solution.  Furthermore, because ContraTherm® C55 can be hand-applied, it does not require mould tooling or complex pumping equipment, which makes it suitable for use in areas that are normally hard to accesswhich was a key consideration for this project. 



The customer benefitted from a product which can be used either as a permanent insulation installation, or as a removable solution which allows future access to the underlying structure without disrupting its thermal insulation properties.

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