Insulation jackets provided for offshore oil company

A multinational oil and gas company tasked Phoenix Compact Valves and Total Control Systems to provide a skid package requiring various valves with personal protection insulation for an offshore oilfield in the Campeche Bay off the coast of Mexico. We were approached to provide support and technical expertise for the insulation element of the skid package and our ContraFlex® system provided a cost-effective solution.


The highlights


ContraFlex® provided a cost- and time-effective insulation solution.

3D modelling software

Our team used 3D modelling software to tailor the jackets prior to shipment and installation.

Little or no modification

The jackets were installed without needing specialist contractors and required very little modification.



Our ContraFlex® system is flexible and designed to improve processes in accordance with health and safety guidelines. The bespoke jackets are designed and optimised for use in highly congested areas with clash points to maximise personal protection to operators. The jackets feature a waterproof outer cloth and water shedding design and have been tested in highly challenging environments to ensure their durability and suitability in external settings.



Our team used 3D modelling software to tailor the jackets prior to shipment and installation. The jackets were fitted to the manifold assembly before being sent to the offshore facility. The jackets required little or no modification on site and could be installed without the need for specialised installation contractors on the offshore facility.

We supported PCV and TCS throughout to save labour and installation costs. Our solution proved to be highly cost effective and we were able to meet the quick turnaround times required.


“I would like to express my total satisfaction with the ContraFlex® team who helped on our production manifold package. This project was filled with challenging moments that ContraFlex® confronted and overcame in a professional manner while always maintaining schedule. We will be consulting ContraFlex® on all of our future jobs.”

Tommy Russo, Senior Project Manager, PCV

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