3D-modelling technology helps provide insulation solution

Our ContraFlex® team were asked to provide a solution to a maintenance issue that had occurred at a facility in Canada. During the inspection of the vessel, it was noted that there were large cracks in the intumescent epoxy fireproofing material.


The highlights

The issue

Epoxy intumescent coatings are not suitable for low sub - zero temperatures and can be prone to cracking. This is due to steel expansion and contraction during seasonal weather changes.

The alternative

Rather than blasting and repainting the vessel skirt, which could result in the same problem occurring in the future, our team recommended bespoke ContraFlex® jackets could be installed on top of the failed coating.

The outcome

Opting to install this solution meant the facility had minimal downtime. Also, there were no additional costs from having to remove the failed coating before applying a new coating. This resulted in the facility being fully protected and operational quickly.


Novel 3D-modelling technology helps provide quick and efficient solution

Using 3D modelling technology, our team were able to design, develop and fit a bespoke retrofit solution which was installed quickly by our team of installers over the existing coating that was no longer providing protection.


Other highlights

Tested for blast overpressures on vessels up to 1.55 barg, our ContraFlex® JF120 jackets provide protection against both jet and pool fire scenarios whilst operating in temperatures as low as -55 °C.

To install our jackets to the vessel skirt, a frame arrangement was designed in order to support the weight of the jackets and prevent further damage to the coating.

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