Jackets deliver noise reduction on emergency smoke extraction fans

Our customer is responsible for the construction and maintenance of emergency exit points on the London rail network. Emergency exit stations feature fans to draw smoke away in the event of fire. The fans need acoustic insulation to reduce noise levels when in use. AIS developed bespoke acoustic insulation jackets in line with the customers’ requirements for this type of application.


The highlights

32 dB noise reduction

AIS acoustic insulation jackets will facilitate better communication during an emergency evacuation.

Anti-smoking properties

By using a steel plate rather than mass vinyl, the jackets will not generate additional smoke in the event of fire.

Certified testing

We conducted testing in-house to demonstrate the products ability to deliver the required protection.



Traditional acoustic insulation jackets use a mass vinyl material to generate noise reduction but this was not an option on this project. The customer required a product that would not generate additional smoke in the event of a fire; the AIS technical team produced a solution using materials that are non-smoke generating.

AIS acoustic insulation jackets are up to 70% quicker to install than alternative solutions. They are easy to remove and refit, making maintenance on the equipment simple. They are slim and fully flexible, therefore suitable for use in confined or restrictive spaces.



Upon receiving the initial specification, AIS produced a sample based on the proposed design and tested it to BS EN ISO 10140-2.  It produced a result showing a 32dB reduction in sound transmission. This will be vital during an emergency evacuation allowing easier communication. In addition, the jackets will not produce smoke during the elevated temperatures of a fire, which will enhance health and safety at a critical time.

AIS undertook an initial site survey to finalise the design, and manufacture was completed in our Nottingham production facility. Installation was undertaken at two locations by experienced AIS insulation engineers.

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