Jumper insulation

AIS highly tested and field proven subsea insulation has the flexibility needed to protect dynamic jumper systems, providing reliable flow assurance with low maintenance requirements in oil and gas fields in harsh marine environments.


Why AIS?

We offer support for lifting and installation including FEA for load analysis.  We can supply of specialist lifting clamps to support operations.

Excellent adhesion

AIS insulation provides excellent adhesion between field joints and is compatible with dissimilar materials including polypropylene and polyurethane.

Low density materials

AIS insulation uses low density materials, adding natural buoyancy. Additional buoyancy modules can be supplied where buoyancy is a requirement.

Short lead times

AIS insulation is installed on site, which means it can be completed to a shorter lead time than factory applications, helping to reduce project times.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


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