Subsea manifold insulation

AIS high temperature high pressure insulation provides proven flow assurance for manifolds in the harshest environmental conditions. As the market leader we have the largest global fleet of application equipment for rapid on-site application and deployment.

Why AIS?

AIS has operational teams in the UK, USA, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria and Angola and we work with major global operators on multinational projects.

Reduced weight

AIS high temperature high pressure insulation uses low density materials, which reduces the overall weight of the protection and gives greater engineering flexibility.

Safer application

Our unique primer technology is less hazardous than traditional primers, reducing the environmental requirements on-site and supporting clients’ environmental goals.

Maximising local content

By maximising local content we lower installation and maintenance costs and support our clients’ CSR objectives by contributing to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


AIS develops time saving and innovative hinged module solution

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Ultra-deep offshore project benefits from subsea insulation

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