Insulation covers and doghouses

AIS field proven insulation is capable of protecting the most complex connector cover arrangements, including surface, diver and mechanically installed doghouses. We can supply a thermally reliable turnkey solution inclusive of design, manufacture and testing.

Why AIS?

A complete solution, in use worldwide.

AIS can provide a turnkey service including design, manufacture and FAT.

Commercially competitive

AIS insulation uses different chemistries and different materials to deliver the most commercially competitive solution depending on the required operating temperatures.

Turnkey solutions

AIS provides a complete service from design and manufacture to factory acceptance tests for sealing systems, closure arrangements and flooding systems with optional venting systems.

Versatile solutions

AIS insulation solutions can be installed topside or be diver installed in subsea applications. Neutrally buoyant options are available if required.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


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