Christmas tree and flow control module insulation

AIS’ innovative, field-proven subsea insulation products provide flow assurance to christmas trees operating at extreme temperature and pressure. 


Why AIS?

AIS has over 20 years track record in providing flow assurance solutions for subsea Christmas trees.  We have an unrivaled range of products suitable for all tree applications. 

Short lead times

AIS can offer a pack-in-place material that can be hand applied to subsea christmas trees. Our solution is suited to complex geometries without the need for complex tooling, reducing overall lead times. We can also accommodate design modifications without impacting delivery.

High thickness

AIS insulation can be poured in place so is suitable for rapid application on christmas trees where a high thickness of insulation is required.

Fit and forget

AIS insulation uses syntactic foams with excellent thermal properties that are resistant to hydrostatic pressures. This means no maintenance is required for the lifetime of the field.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


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