Product specifications

ContraTherm® C25 reduces the formation of hydrate plugs and wax buildups in complex subsea structures. It has been extensively laboratory tested and is accepted worldwide by major oil and gas companies.

  • Total GS EN COR 226 compliant
  • ExxonMobil GP650801 compliant
  • ISO 12736 wet thermal insulation systems.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Direct application properties

Unique curing properties enables direct application to complex equipment in harsh environments at any stage of a project.

Excellent HTHP resistance

The syntactic silicone resin matrix of ContraTherm® C25 ensures excellent high temperature and high pressure resistance and thermal performance.

Easy application

ContraTherm® C25 is capable of withstanding all subsea environmental factors during application, ensuring correct application is straightforward.

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