Ultra-deep offshore project benefits from subsea insulation

The Kaombo project, operated by TOTAL, is located off the Angolan coast. Water depths reach up to 1,950 metres, which leads to extreme temperature and pressure conditions. This means the technology used has to be both reliable and cost-effective. ContraTherm® C25 had the credentials required.


The highlights

2000msw maximum water depth

The extreme temperature and pressure conditions at such depths require the use of technology that is both reliable and cost-effective.

148°C maximum service temperature

The insulation needed to be able to protect dynamic structures and withstand extremes of service temperature without failing.

4°C sea water temperature

The insulation needed to be able to maintain flow assurance in jumper structures in extremes of sea water temperatures.


Cost saving insulation sleeves

The flexibility of the ContraTherm® C25 system enabled our team to simplify the design of the insulation sleeves from the original design.

This reduced moulding complexity, reduced wastage, simplified tooling design, increased production speed and reduced cost. We achieved this without compromising the working performance, material structural quality or 25 year design life of the shells.


A two stage installation process

Our team undertook a two stage installation process to enable a greater degree of flexibility. Firstly, the insulation was applied to the bulk pipes at AIS’s facility in Leeds, UK before it was applied to the field joint sections at AIS’s subcontractor facility in Angola.

The insulated components were then handed over to the customer for installation. We worked closely with the customer throughout to ensure the work was successfully completed within the timescale required.

Success stories

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