AIS has it covered in Angola

A major French EPC customer with flexible flowline connectors at a depth of >1,400m needed durable, removable subsea insulation covers to prevent thermal bridging and cold spots, limit water leakage, and allow gas drainage. These requirements pointed to a tailor-made solution using ContraTherm® B35, our field-proven rigid polyurethane system, along with a bespoke sealing system.


The highlights

Tailor-made solution

AIS used customer-specific, removable subsea insulation covers with a bespoke sealing system. As a result, we provided insulation and in-service performance.

Turnkey capabilities

Our team offered a complete turnkey solution. This incorporated design, manufacturing, and in-house performance testing.

Reliability and durability

AIS insulation covers are made from a highly tested material. In addition to this, each cover is designed for reliable performance over the 20-year project life.  



ContraTherm® B35 is robust, has thermal properties, and can withstand depths of up to 7,000m. These attributes make it the ideal customer-qualified and field-proven rigid polyurethane system for producing insulation covers. Our team tailor-made each cover to the customer’s specific needs for optimal fit and performance. We also considered project loading constraints and temperature requirements to maximise ease of use, minimise costs, and ensure durability over the project life. Additionally, a bespoke sealing system was incorporated to limit water leakage to one litre per hour, together with a gas drainage system.



We delivered tailor-made insulation covers to Angola that were designed, manufactured, and performance tested by us to meet the customer’s specific needs. On top of this, we delivered covers on time and on budget, continuing our long track record of successful projects with this major French EPC customer. Our flexible approach and bespoke product ensured the prospect of more successful collaborations in the future.

Success stories

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