Riser protection

Production risers provide a critical conduit between subsea infrastructure and topside production facilities via rigid or flexible pipes/risers. A combination of gas and liquid under pressure within the riser can result in multiple critical safety scenarios including accidental release and jet fire. AIS has developed and deployed multiple solutions to support critical safety requirements and long-term operation.


High performance protection

Since 1997 AIS has been a global, market leading provider of riser protection systems. Our extensive range of safety critical solutions includes fully bonded coating and removable pre-formed half shells and a range of jet deflectors including riser clamp enclosures. ContraFlame® is suitable for risers operating at +185°C and offers varied levels of thermal insulation and jet fire rating for risers in subsea, splash zone and beyond.    

Cost effective

Simple application methodology and ambient curing means up to 60% saving vs. EPDM coating.

Robust & customisable

Designed for 25+ years operation with minimal upkeep and can be modified to meet all scenarios.

Superior performance

Integrated thermal, jet fire, impact, abrasion and corrosion protection for risers and I-tubes.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


Unique fender for tourist boat is no problem for Manuplas®

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Long in-service track record key to the selection of C25 for large-scale project offshore Brazil.

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47 PFP + CSP jackets/blankets delivered and installed for Coral South project

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