Jet deflectors

FPSO hulls and topsides are at risk from accidental high-pressure jet gas leaks from externally mounted gas risers. Flanged connections are encased to repel any jet gas leaks which can reach 400kg/s. AIS has developed and deployed a single acting, static device to be installed over risers flanged connections and deflect jet gas leaks away from the hull and critical topside elements.


Removable connection covers

Single-acting static device safety cover and jet fire deflector that easily install over any flanged connection or riser pipe. Designed to safely direct and deflect any potential high pressure or velocity gas jet leak or jet fire away from critical process equipment and personnel.

Highly engineered

Expertly designed with AIS proven ContraFlame® materials and mechanical engineering knowhow.

Robust & customisable

Design for 25+ years operation in harsh offshore conditions with minimal servicing and skilfully built to meet project requirements.

Proven track record

AIS jet deflectors have an established track record on multiple FPSO operations.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


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