PFP helps maintain operations in the Arctic

Operating in arctic temperatures, our customer has three gravity-based structures (GBS) with LNG and condensate storage in the hull that needed protection to ensure they would remain operational and to ensure health and safety requirements were exceeded.  We recommended that the GBS have winterisation and acoustic protection that met fire and blast criteria and would exceed health and safety requirements. 


The highlights

40 year design life

Our solutions are designed and tested to have a 40-year operational life with zero maintenance requirements.

50dB noise reduction

ContraFlame® MS400 delivered a better noise reduction than the 45dB project specification.

2 hours hydrocarbon fire protection

ContraFlame® C50 had a 239°C temperature rise after 2 hours, better than the 500°C project specification.



Each GBS was constructed from concrete with dimensions of 330m, 152m and 30m. As well as the demanding operational requirements in a high risk environment where daily temperatures can be as low as -52°C, the project had a proposed operational life of 40 years and any solution needed to be zero maintenance in that time.

Working with the project team, we were able to show how a combination of ContraFlame® MS400 and ContraFlame® C50 systems would meet or exceed all the project specifications.



ContraFlame® MS400 was specified for the undersides. ContraFlame® C50 was specified for the steel structures. Both were developed for a 40 year design life in extreme environments.

ContraFlame® MS400 was 670 tonnes lighter per GBS than alternative solutions, important because they were moved into position via a shallow river estuary. It had a 50dB noise reduction when applied to an 8mm steel deck, exceeding the 45dB specification.

ContraFlame® C50 was ISO tested and proved at -52°C with no failures for tensile strength, impact strength, shearing, density or flexural performance. In hydrocarbon fire testing it had a 239°C temperature rise after 2 hours, exceeding the 500°C specification.

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