Product specifications

ContraFlame® jet fire rated enclosures provide integrated insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) for effective protection in splash and tidal zone areas. Able to withstand the harsh offshore environmental conditions whilst providing high integrity corrosion protection.

  • A combined lightweight system providing passive fire protection, insulation and corrosion prevention
  • Based on phenolic syntactic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate
  • The 4mm outer D2004 topcoat system (available on JF120-200 enclosure) functions as an outer pipe of GRP to enhance the integrity of the C50 syntactic foam and to provide long term mechanical protection
  • The D2004 matrix is free of osmosis
  • The system carries jet fire certifications specifically covered by Lloyds and DNV and has been tested to ISO 22899-1
  • The system is suitable in freezing rain, UV, flare radiation (5kW/m² with a presumed temperature of +150°C), de-icing steam and total submersion in seawater
  • The system has been blast tested up to 4.2 bar
  • The system has been tested for smoke generation to NES711 with a rating of 8.71 & Toxicity Index NES713 of 1.41.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions


It is capable of withstanding blast over-pressures of up to 4.2 bar, without compromising the fire resistance of the passive fire protection material.

Easy installation

Site fitting is easy and quick as the moulded components are bolted together on site.

Temperature range

Tried and tested for use in an operating temperature range between -196°C to +150°C.

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