Pipes manifolds and flanges

Flexible weather-proof pipe, manifold and flange thermal and fire protection systems.


Tested in all environments

Fully bonded phenolic coating system, bespoke pre-cast shells and jackets. Multi-functional passive fire protection and thermal insulation composite systems, backed by years of extensive research, testing and field experience, with wide tolerance to in-service temperature changes.

Complete pipework protection

Robust coatings and jackets with high integrity corrosion protection to reduce lifetime cost in hostile environments. Passive fire protection and heat conservation for pipe runs, tees, reducers, elbows, flanges and manifolds.

Low cost easy application

Easy application and cold curing for direct application to pipes, manifolds and flanges. Retro-fit thermal and fire protection jacket systems that are easy to fit and ideal for industrial applications requiring regular maintenance.

Minimal operational costs

Reduce structural stresses with light phenolic material coasting systems and jackets that deliver significantly lower weight than other comparable alternatives, yet with superior insulation and fire protection capabilities.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


ContraTherm® C55 shrouds insulate complex subsea structures

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PFP helps maintain operations in the Arctic

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Jackets deliver noise reduction on emergency smoke extraction fans

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