Pump thermal and acoustic protection

Using thermal blankets, it is possible to reduce unwanted sound radiation from pump casings. To reduce the sound from a pump casing, the addition of mass is required, or a pre-fabricated enclosure surrounding the equipment isolated from the source. ContraFlex® acoustic blankets can be provided directly to the equipment, or, as a system wrapped onto a frame.

Bearing noise and pressure fluctuations in pumps can cause unwanted sound and ContraFlex® acoustic blankets provide a solution in wrapping the pump casing/housing with high-damping materials.

Why AIS?

Heat and noise insulation

Jackets contain both insulation and damping materials to protect workers and equipment from unwanted break-out noise. Used in power, chemical and industrial pumps to prevent heat loss and protect against harsh environments.

Heat and acoustic protection

Robust coatings and jackets with infill insulation to protect workers and equipment. Bespoke insulation systems for power, chemical and industrial pumps that prevent heat loss and protect against harsh environments.

Reduce operational costs

Industry leading thermal and acoustic protection to reduce lifetime cost. R&D, materials design and testing ensures our jacket solutions deliver against tough challenges of industrial plant applications.

Robust retro-fit jackets

Retro-fit jackets with tough exteriors for industrial pumps and connecting pipework, to protect against noise and heat. Removable for maintenance and supported by global technical, field support and training teams.

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