Generator applications

AIS provides highly effective thermal insulation and winterisation solutions that protect everything from the engine manifold and the exhaust pipework to the entire unit on static and mobile generators in all settings and all environments.

Our ContraFlex® jackets are manufactured using high temperature insulation materials and fabrics that can withstand up to 1,100°C. This makes them an ideal solution for mobile generators and CHP plants.

Protect personnel working within close proximity of hot exhaust lines against burns, prevent heat and energy loss, and reduce the risk of excessive noise through acoustic insulation with our bespoke ContraFlex® jackets.


Why AIS?

Highly effective solutions in use worldwide

AIS combines in-house design and surveying expertise with a global reach to offer bespoke insulation solutions with rapid turnaround times.


Innovative aerogel materials mean jackets can be as thin as 20mm but still provide the required levels of insulation, making ContraFlex® solutions suitable for highly congested areas.

Up to Up to 1,100°C

ContraFlex® insulation jackets conserve up to 95% of heat to improve generator energy efficiency and reduce running costs, helping to meet environmental and financial targets.


ContraFlex® insulation jackets remain effective even in low temperatures, meaning they can be used to protect generators in the coldest of climates, ensuring continuity of service.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


Unique fender for tourist boat is no problem for Manuplas®

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Long in-service track record key to the selection of C25 for large-scale project offshore Brazil.

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47 PFP + CSP jackets/blankets delivered and installed for Coral South project

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