Unique fender for tourist boat is no problem for Manuplas®

Our customer, a major cruise line, required a fender to protect a tourist boat stored on the back of a cruise ship. For use in the harsh arctic environment, the customer needed a large fender to protect the vessel against bumps such as ice.

To complete what was a unique project, the fender also needed to be appealing to the eye as the boats intended use was commercial.


The highlights

Practical and eye-catching

A robust, heavy-duty fender with a stippled, high-end finish.

Easy to replace

Our fendering came in various modules. This ensures it is easy to replace should any section suffer damage.

Global capabilities

Made in Plymouth, and fitted to the vessel in Finland.



This was a unique requirement. The fender needed to be robust due to the harsh operating conditions the vessel would face, but also visually appealing due to its commercial use.

Our Manuplas® team designed, manufactured and delivered the product in a timely fashion. We worked with the customers drawings to offer a lightweight and high-energy absorption fender.



We made the fender to the customer's required specification and design. This was thanks to our expertise in sprayed materials that has resulted in our fenders being used in all waters around the world.

As the vessel would is stored within the cruise ship, this was a unique project. The fender not only protects the vessel whilst in service, but also when being brought in and out of storage on the cruise ship.

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