Manuplas® supply fendering for mega yacht shanty

When it comes to Mega Yacht’s, Manuplas® take extensive measures to ensure these remarkable vessels stay damage free; our years of experience and knowledge have allowed us to produce something reliable, affordable and fit for purpose.


The highlights

One third lighter than rubber

Our cast fendering is one third lighter than rubber significantly reducing overall weight without reducing protection.

Smart design

Manufactured from a high-performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam core.

Highend in-house tooling

Developed using reusable moulds specifically made to fit your vessel hull.


We recently worked on a mega yacht’s shanty boat where we supplied the fendering, and unlike most fendering which is rubber, we use cast fendering;

- With rubber fendering, you must bolt this to your vessel which can lead to ruining the aesthetics. This is not an issue with our cast fendering, thanks to our use of adhesive.

- Cast fendering is 1/3 weight of rubber, helping you reach those higher speeds.


We recently supplied the fendering for the stern end of the shanty boat, which is where you would find the platform. When the vessel comes to port, it will always be via stern end; hence why it needs the most protection against damage.

Our experienced team can work with your designer to ensure the fendering meets your exact specification and timeframes. We can also retrofit, if damage has occurred or the vessel is undergoing a refit.

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