47 CSP+PFP jackets delivered and installed for Coral South project

Our customer required 47 CSP/PFP jackets/blankets on a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) project situated close to 250 km North East of Pemba, Mozambique. 

There were design complexities due to protrusion, support, and adjacent structures impacting space for fitting, and a lightweight material was required for high-positioned items.

However, our ContraFlex® jackets/blankets ticked all the relevant boxes, so we provided a complete solution.


The highlights

Complete system

ContraFlex® was the only flexible type of product that meets both PFP and CSP requirements as a single system.

Easy to install

Our jackets/blankets were simple to install and will be easy to remove and replace for maintenance purposes.

Time saving

Although there were time constraints, our team completed the work in a shorter timescale than required.



The differences in the shape and size of items that needed protecting, combined with the need for both CSP (cryogenic spill protection) and PFP (passive fire protection) meant only a custom solution would suffice. Our ContraFlex® 60 mm to 75 mm CSP/PFP jackets/blankets are made bespoke to customer requirements, so each one provided a perfect fit. 

60 mm to 75mm ContraFlex® jackets/blankets are compliant with both ISO 20088 Part 3: Cryogenic Jet Release 60 minutes, and ISO 22899: Hydrocarbon Jet fire. This means ContraFlex® has been tested under extreme conditions, so it was able to meet the project specifications.



Our team already supplied the U.S based turret manufacturer for this project with PFP for an emergency shut down valve. This shows how our products are trusted time and again.

Furthermore, ContraFlex® jackets/blankets are simple to install, remove, and replace, making it easy for our team to fulfil all 47 items from the design, up to the final inspection. This included a site survey, design, production, and installation. 

The customer was extremely satisfied and commented on the quality and design integrity of our ContraFlex® system.

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