AIS use laser scanner technology to solve FPSO fire hazard concerns in Malaysia

Working to a tight schedule, our ContraFlex® team were asked to provide a solution to protect equipment in the event of a fire at a FPSO facility located offshore Malaysia. Due to confined working conditions with limited people on board, our team used innovative laser scanner technology to provide fitted jackets and save valuable time.


The highlights

Innovative technology

Our team used 3D laser scanner technology to design and build the ideal jacket size prior to shipment and installation.


The testing

Tested to both jet and pool fire scenarios, our ContraFlex® PFP jackets provide protection up to 180 minutes in the event of a fire whist operating in temperatures up to 260°C. The jackets were also tested for blast overpressures on piping up to 2.15 barg and on vessels up to 1.55 barg, making them an ideal solution for the project.

The protection

Our ContraFlex® PFP jackets have been extensively tested for weather protection. This includes UV exposure and cyclic salt spray testing, making them ideal for FPSO applications which are often subject to saline and marine tropical environments.


Quick turnaround ensured significant cost savings

Despite the customers tight working window, our applicators, supervised by one of our experts, installed the jackets on-site making any modifications where required to ensure the perfect fit.



A site survey was carried out using state-of-the-art 3D modelling technology. The results were fed back to our ContraFlex® team who were able to design, develop and manufacture the jackets. Our ContraFlex® jackets are a flexible solution, that can be quickly and easily installed by our local team. The main contractor allocated a 22-day window for installation however our team reduced this to 14-days saving significant costs and helped ensure the project completed on time.

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