Insulation jackets are the key to success for steel mill

A steel mill in Brazil was having to regularly replace its steel furnace doors because they were getting damaged in normal operation. This was resulting in high energy loss, safety concerns and maintenance costs. ContraFlex® jackets, an effective retrofit solution capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,100°C, provided the solution.


The highlights

Six weeks

Our jackets provided a return on investment in just six weeks.

180 minutes

Our jackets provide up to 180 minutes fire protection and are tested to hydrocarbon pool (UL1709) and jet fire (ISO22899) scenarios.

70% quicker

Designed to be rapid to fit or refit, saving operator time, reducing operational downtime resulting in cost saving.



The steel mill needed an effective solution with a fast turnaround because the furnace doors were a critical part of the billet rolling process, so downtime needed to kept to a minimum. The AIS team undertook a site survey and specified bespoke ContraFlex® jackets capable of withstanding the temperatures in the furnace.

Installation was undertaken by AIS Brazil and involved removing the existing metal guards and hanging the jackets along the furnace. The design of the jackets meant installation could happen quickly and easily.



ContraFlex® jackets provided the robust solution the customer required. The solution significantly reduced energy loss and the mill’s carbon footprint, as well as enhancing site safety. Overall, the jackets saw return on investment within six weeks.

Success stories

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