Structural steel

Whilst structural steel is inherently able to withstand high temperatures, it weakens when exposed to extreme heat that may be generated in fire situations.  Our products deliver passive fire protection (PFP) fand satisfy a range of rigorous industry specific needs.

Why AIS?

Fully tested and certified

Our innovative range of products provide optimum protection for structural steel.  They are certified by DNV, ABS, and Lloyd's Register for industrial tubular pipework and panel steelwork.  Depending on the specific requirements, they can be supplied either as a wet-applied putty, pre-formed bespoke sections that easily bolt together on site, flexible jackets, or spray applied intumescent coatings.  

Complete fire protection

Retro-fit and pre-formed solutions tested to meet the rigorous fire protection and insulation requirements of industrial plants. Certified to industry standards for hydrocarbon fires, jet fires and blast overpressure, as well as hose stream tested.

Full environmental protection

Environmentally tested products proven to handle extreme conditions, our materials provide high-performance protection with easy application and installation on large industrial structures almost anywhere.

Long-life reliability

Significant investment and development in materials, manufacturing processes, modelling and testing ensures our retrofit and bespoke solutions deliver protection against the tough demands and challenges of industrial plant applications.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


PFP helps maintain operations in the Arctic

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AIS heads stateside with lightweight firewall solution

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AIS provides critical jet fire PFP of up to 180 minutes in Canada for Fort Hills client

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