Blast and fire walls

Blast and firewalls are deployed to provide fire, blast, and gas-tight division around living quarters, utilities, process modules, storage tanks, and control rooms. The extent of the fire and blast requirements can be accommodated through multiple types of AIS panels which combine blast, passive fire protection, and thermal insulation into a single panel.

Why AIS?

Lightweight fire and blast protection

AIS lightweight, pre-formed, composite flat panels bolted to specially designed steel support structure for use within existing or new O&G, LNG, or Petrochemical installations. The completed modular system can be tailored for highly congested areas, providing passive fire protection (H120, JF120) and a range of blast protection (0.2- 1.5bar).

Reduced space envelope

ContraBlast® bi-directional flat-panels operate within the elastic zone and remove the need for a crumple zone.

Fast modular construction

Pre-formed, combined PFP and blast panels remove the need for welding and additional coating, insulation.

Superior performance

30+ years design life, no maintenance requirements, no degradation of passive fire performance long term or after a blast.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


AIS heads stateside with lightweight firewall solution

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