Bulkhead protection

Bulkheads are key structural divisions within offshore platforms and vessels. Bulkhead protection restricts the spread of fire and smoke while providing protection within critical spaces and escape routes.  AIS offers a range of solutions to meet ‘A’, ‘H’ and ‘J’ rated bulkheads including fire rated solutions for services penetrations all under our ContraFlame® brand.

Why AIS?

Long-life structural protection

AIS ContraFlame® market leading technology offers a range of solutions to meet existing and new critical bulkhead protection requirements. ContraFlame® system is based on a unique syntactic phenolic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate. The lightweight multifunctional composite system provides combined thermal insulation, passive fire protection including ‘A’, ‘H’ and ‘J’ ratings including blast overpressure resistance.   

Robust solution

Close cell foam, jointless finish, eliminates corrosion risks, blast resistance, designed for life in field and requires zero maintenance.


ContraFlame® systems deliver up to 70% weight reduction vs. alternative systems.

Simple application

Pre-formed panels which are bonded to substrates and finished with hand applied laminate remove the need for specialised tools, pins and mesh.

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