Penetration seals

Hydrocarbon fire rated penetration seals are designed to maintain integrity, fire rating and gas tightness of a penetration through fire and blast rated partition (bulkheads, decks, blast walls, MCT). While geometries of the openings and services going through openings will vary, AIS sealing technology offers a flexible ‘pump in place’ solution to suit multiple configurations.


Our solution

ContraFlame® C20 is a RTV2 silicone which contains a combination of hollow glass microspheres and fire-retardant additives specially formulated to provide jet fire protection. The innovative material is designed for ‘manual pump in place’ application and the non-slumping material can be applied directly to a variety of structures and hard to reach places.    


‘Manual pump in place’ means quick application for a broad range of configurations.

Robust solution

ContraFlame® C20 offers two hours jet fire protection, blast resistance and gas tightness with 25+ years design life.    

Truly passive

C20 material technology offers a truly passive fire protection and doesn’t undergo phase change in the event of a fire.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


Unique fender for tourist boat is no problem for Manuplas®

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Long in-service track record key to the selection of C25 for large-scale project offshore Brazil.

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47 PFP + CSP jackets/blankets delivered and installed for Coral South project

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