AIS provides removable thermal insulation for every element of HVAC systems, including vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, air dryers and filters. Thermal and acoustic insulation is also available for elements including fans and pumps.


Why AIS?

AIS combines in-house design and surveying expertise with a global reach to offer tailored thermal insulation solutions with rapid turnaround times.


ContraFlex® jackets provide tailormade, removable insulation, which means they are quicker to install and easier to remove for maintenance purposes, saving time and money throughout their lifespan.


Innovative aerogel materials mean jackets can be as thin as 20mm but still provide the required levels of insulation, making ContraFlex® solutions suitable for highly congested areas.

ISO 15665 Class A, B and C

Acoustic insulation jackets tested to ISO, Shell and Norsok standards to provide noise reduction that helps improve site working conditions and maintain health and safety standards.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


PFP jackets solve fire hazard concerns for FPSO

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PFP jackets are the key to success for steel mill

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AIS gets a handle on boiler door insulation

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