AIS gets a handle on boiler door insulation

Located in Stratford upon Avon, Yelo, a production facility for rapeseed oil, needed to replace their insulation on boiler doors, with the boilers currently operating between 60°C - 70°C.

They were looking for insulation which would provide high efficiency, so that the internal temperature of the boilers remained high even during non-operational hours. Additional challenges were to replace their existing insulation with a removable system which would be easier to install and maintain.


The highlights

The development

The project started with a site survey using our state-of-the-art 3D modelling technology. This allowed our team to develop, design and manufacture ContraFlex® jackets, to meet the customer’s requirements.

The properties

Depending on the insulation materials and cloth specification, our jackets are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,100°C. The jackets have been specifically designed and optimized so that performance is not compromised in highly congested areas.

The benefits

Compared to traditional methods, ContraFlex® insulation jackets are up to three times more efficient. The jackets are held in place with a Velcro type hook and loop tape fastening which ensures a quick and easy installation process.


Yelo impressed with our cost-saving, energy efficient solution

Our jackets delivered Yelo a cost-saving, energy efficient solution by increasing the internal temperature of their boilers to around 100°C.


Other highlights


Yelo were so delighted with the results that they asked our team to produce additional jackets for their valves.

Nick Marshall, Maintenance Manager at Yelo says - “We were very happy with the work from the ContraFlex® team and the price of the jackets were very competitive. Overall, a very good quality product and works very well in our application.”

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