Manways and nozzles

AIS provides bespoke slimline, lightweight, low maintenance and removable passive fire protection, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and winterisation solutions suitable for fitting and retrofitting to manways and nozzles in the world’s most demanding environments.

Why AIS?

Highly effective solutions in use worldwide

AIS has a strong track record in supplying robust, cost effective solutions that protect plant and people in mission-critical defence settings worldwide.

Cost effective

AIS PFP and insulation solutions are straightforward to install and are designed to deliver a low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance requirements.

Space saving

Our passive fire protection and insulation solutions are optimised for use in highly congested areas with clash points without compromising on performance.

Long lifespan

AIS PFP and insulation solutions are proven to deliver robust protection in even the harshest onshore and offshore environments.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


AIS use laser scanner technology to solve FPSO fire hazard concerns in Malaysia

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Insulation jackets are the key to success for steel mill

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3D-modelling technology helps provide insulation solution

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