Junction boxes

Jackets for industrial plants with integrated insulation and passive fire protection.

Why AIS?

Infrastructure protection

Flexible jacket and structural enclosures designed to resist water, sun, heat and chemical attack. Robust pre-moulded enclosures capable of withstanding blast over-pressures of up to 4.2 Barg, without compromising the fire resistance of the passive fire protection material.

Full enclosure protection

Fully tested PFP pre-moulded enclosures plus flexible easy-access jackets with waterproof and water shedding outer cloth for a superior combination of passive fire protection and thermal insulation.

Multiple industry applications

Manway covers for chemical tanks and vessels, ESDV’s & actuators, heat pumps & heat exchangers, process pipe work, pipe supports, LNG tank joints and jet fire deflectors for flange covers and weld nodes.

Environmental protection

Effective protection for power and chemical plants and industrial applications. Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions whilst providing both long term mechanical and high integrity structural protection.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


AIS jackets protect state-of-the-art HVAC system

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Boiler maintenance reduced with insulation jackets

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