Product specifications

Piggyback blocks allow a secondary line to be secured onto a main pipeline, and maintain a precise clearance between the two lines.

  • Contain one main block made of high performance polyurethane, or reinforced polypropylene, depending on project requirements
  • A strapping system designed to fit with project needs, and usually made of alloy or composite material
  • Fasteners for specific cases are always made of material highly resistant to marine corrosion
  • Elastomeric pads increase the clamping capacities therefore improving the fitting of the piggyback block onto the main pipe.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Strong clamping

The use of a tailored strapping system and elastomeric pad guarantees the non-sliding and firm positioning of the Piggyback block.


Materials used have been selected for their durability over time meaning that once installed, no maintenance is required.

Custom made design

Designed to have specific clearance, size, and weight to fit with the requirements of pipe configuration and environmental loads.

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