Vessel protection

Integrated thermal insulation, and passive fire protection for vessels, columns and spheres.


Fully bonded or removeable

AIS fully tested products can handle operating temperatures from -100°C to +300°C and fire duration up to 3 hours, and have repeatedly demonstrated superior product design, multiple site applications and operation longevity with major IOC and NOC clients.

Complete vessel protection

ContraFlame® and FlexiChar® can be applied directly to vessels or in combination with HT thermal insulation or an external coating. Both AIS products are certified by DNV, ABS and Lloyd's register for tubular pipework and panel steelwork.

Offshore thermal protection

ContraFlex® high-jackets provide protection with ease of removable for applications requiring regular maintenance or inspection.   Application is quick and easy in all environments. 

Offshore application use

ContraFlame® JF120 jet fire resistant fully bonded coating used on this major development and applied to a large-scale prefabricated separation module that overhangs the platform east end from the weather deck to the cellar deck levels.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


ContraTherm® C55 manifold insulation

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Complex subsea structures benefit from ContraTherm® C55 insulation

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PFP helps maintain operations in the Arctic

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