Steam generation systems

Protecting steam generation and condensate systems to ensure operational efficiency.


Reliable thermal protection

Steam boilers needing to maintain a steady steam pressure at all times. Our thermal insulation composite jackets ensure control of boiler surface temperatures of even the largest boiler and condensate systems, for efficient and reliable operation of industrial processes.

Complete boiler protection

Protect workers and reduce industrial lifetime cost. Robust coatings and jackets with infill insulation that provides heat conservation up to 1,1000C. Insulation systems for power, chemical and industrial sites.

Preformed and retro-fit

3D design and rapid direct application to boiler and condensate systems, as well as retro-fit jackets that are easily removable for maintenance, all supported by global technical, field support and training teams.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce structural stress with low weight insulation jackets and coating material systems. AIS systems have significantly lower weight, yet offer superior thermal insulation capabilities than comparable alternatives.

Success stories

A 20 year track record


ContraTherm® C55 manifold insulation

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Complex subsea structures benefit from ContraTherm® C55 insulation

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PFP helps maintain operations in the Arctic

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