Commercial boat fendering

Able to withstand the harshest marine environments and working conditions. This sprayed or cast fender system is available for the bow and/or sides of a vessel. Suitable for wind farm support vessels, workboats, pilot boats, lifeboats, patrol boats and military vessels.


Our solution

A high-performance fendering system for commercial boats. Our fendering system is available in cast or sprayed variations. Each offers a wealth of benefits in a wide range of applications. Custom solutions can also be developed by our engineers when a precise specification has to be met.

Robust and highly durable

These commercial boat fenders have a high-performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam core and a unique protective polyurethane elastomer coating that is cast or sprayed applied to the core, reinforced with multiple layers of nylon kevlar mesh for increased abrasion and tear resistance. 

Lower running costs

Our commercial boat fendering in both cast and sprayed versions are lighter than traditional rubber fenders. This helps to improve vessel speed and fuel consumption, reducing running costs.

Bespoke options

As well as standard options, our fendering system can be designed and manufactured to meet your precise specifications and deliver bespoke solutions that help you meet your objectives.

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A 20 year track record


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