Small yacht mooring buoys

A comprehensive range of soft feel, nonmarking small yacht mooring buoys used across ports, harbours and marinas for the mooring of yachts and boats.

Why AIS?

A market leader with a global presence

Our low maintenance mooring buoys are ideal for vessel applications in ports or harbours and are used globally.

Robust protection

The high impact absorption rate and virtually non-marking skin of the buoy limits damage to the moored vessel. The wear and abrasion resistant outer skin optimises the service life of the buoy.

Virtually unsinkable

The thermolaminated resilient polyethylene foam core ensures that our  small yacht mooring buoys are virtually unsinkable, which means they deliver reassuring reliability in all conditions.

Low maintenance

Small yacht mooring buoys are manufactured from durable, long-lasting materials and designed to be easy to handle for simple, safe use. This helps reduce the overall cost of operation.

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