Luxury yacht / tender fendering

High quality, lightweight, and visually appealing vessel fendering that prevents damage to yachts and tenders berthed against jetties, marina walls, or other vessels. Used by luxury yacht manufacturers and owners worldwide.


Our solution

Our Luxury Yacht / Tender Fenders offer high impact and abrasion resistance and are easily bonded to a yacht hull for rapid installation. They can be custom designed for a perfect fit, delivering the protection and the visual appeal the sector demands.

Improve vessel performance and economy

Our Luxury Yacht / Tender Fendering is manufactured from a high-performance physically cross-linked polyurethane foam core that means it is less than a third of the weight of traditional fenders.

Custom design

Custom fender designs and variable core densities are available to suit budget and application. All tooling and manufacturing takes place in-house for exceptional quality control and rapid lead times.

Visually appealing

The unique protective marine-grade polyurethane coating has a smooth, consistent surface finish. An optional polyurea coating is available for larger fender profiles. 

Success stories

A 20 year track record


Unique fender for tourist boat is no problem for Manuplas®

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Long in-service track record key to the selection of C25 for large-scale project offshore Brazil.

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47 PFP + CSP jackets/blankets delivered and installed for Coral South project

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