Product specifications

Insulation covers prevent high-temperature oils from cooling and solidifying and ensure a continuous flow during the whole field production.

  • Insulation covers are made of a field proven rigid polyurethane system for application up to 80°C
  • Each insulation cover is composed of half shells, each including a sealing system, closure arrangements, flooding system and an optional venting system
  • Sealing system is made to limit water movements and exchanges
  • Designed with thermal analysis to reach a target cool down time
  • The lifting points ensure our insulation covers are easy to manipulate on board
  • Insulation covers are designed in compliance with international offshore standards, including API17-L1, API17-L2, DNV–RP- B401.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions


Materials used have been selected for their durability over time meaning that once installed, no maintenance is required.


Half shells are moulded with yellow coloured resin to comply with offshore standards regarding subsea visibility.

High temperature resistance

Bardot insulation covers resist temperatures of up to 80°C.

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