High temperature, deep-water removable insulation? – ContraTherm® C25 covers it all

When a major EPC customer challenged us to guarantee flow assurance of their high-temperature flowline located in deep water in the Gulf of Mexico, we knew straight away that bespoke insulation covers using our award-winning ContraTherm® C25 would be the right choice.  


The highlights

Engineered for the extremes

Our insulation covers are designed for robust and reliable HTHP (135°C at a depth of >2000m) performance over the 20-year project life.  

Bespoke solution

A sealing system, anodes and ROV interface are incorporated into covers to assist with insulation and in service performance and validated with FAT.  

Local design and manufacture

We designed and manufactured all covers (>20) at our facility in the USA. Such an approach ensured agile, effective and efficient project delivery.     



We designed bespoke insulation covers using our flexible syntactic silicone insulation, ContraTherm® C25. Already customer-qualified and field-proven, C25 was chosen due to its ability to achieve tight tolerances and provide robust, long-lasting HTHP performance when combined with a steel frame. In addition, a custom sealing system, anodes and ROV interface were incorporated to ensure excellent insulation and in service performance.  



We delivered more than 20 bespoke insulation covers to our customer on time, on budget and met every complex requirement. All covers were designed, manufactured and tested at our AIS facility in the USA, local to the customer. This ensured agile, effective and efficient project delivery. The result? Yet another successful project with this customer and we expect many more to come.     

Success stories

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