Product specifications

When exposed to high temperatures through fire or cell venting, IC10 rapidly forms a tough char that resists erosion by high velocity or turbulent gasses, while continuing to provide insulation to protect the substrate.  

  • Lightweight coating enables designers to consider enclosure material choices which may have otherwise been discounted because of their fire properties
  • No surface preparation before application
  • Thickness of coating enables users to determine the level of protection
  • Reduces back face temperature and rate of heat absorption of the substrate. This protects the pack from risk of internal propagation due to heating of cells
  • Formulated for both high and low volume production
  • Low smoke and toxicity during a fire.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Insulating battery compartments

Protect components from external fires to delay or prevent thermal runaway.

Variable dry film thickness

To meet the fire protection requirements of the application.

Weather resistant

Coating remains effective, in wet or humid conditions and when exposed to salt spray.

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