Coatings for electric vehicles and battery enclosures

AIS has developed robust, cost effective coatings to provide insulating barriers around battery enclosures, electric vehicle chassis and key components. These coatings provide protection during extreme events such as thermal runaway and underbody fires.


Our solution

The specially formulated intumescent coating is used in applications where safety, weight, speed and cost are important. The coating helps mitigate the risk of fire or extend the evacuation time of an electric vehicle. Enabling automotive manufacturers to meet current safety legislation such as GB 38031-2020.


Innovative solution enables users to replace heavy substrates with thinner or lighter materials without compromising on heat transfer and fire retardancy.


Formulated to suit high / low production volumes and multiple substrate materials. Q55 EV with little or no surface preparation has been successfully applied to many materials including steel, aluminium, SMC, and thermoplastics. 

In-house testing

Track record of performing flexible agile testing. We can simulate pan-fire scenarios within our testing facility, allowing customers to evaluate substrate performance and protection.

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