Product specifications

F30 foam contains a specialist blend of fillers that make the cured material extremely resistant to high-temperature events. When exposed to high temperatures the material rapidly forms a tough char that will resist erosion by high velocity or turbulent gasses, while continuing to provide insulation to protect the substrate.

  • Product will maintain flexibility at temperatures of -40⁰C or less
  • Ideal for use on battery pack structures subject to vibration
  • Low smoke and toxicity during a fire
  • High continuous in-service temperatures of +150⁰C or greater
  • Versatile and easily adapted for use with the most complex module designs.
  • Modifiable curing speed to suit customer applications.

Tested for use in the toughest conditions

Variable cavity shapes

Enable the size to vary from a few millimeters to a metre.

Weather resistant

Coating remains effective, in wet conditions or when exposed to chemicals.

Fire protection

Protection against extreme one-off events such as battery fires.

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