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ContraFlex® section jackets: field proven protection for repaired pipework

When repairs leave your pipework exposed and vulnerable, our ContraFlex® PFP jackets are ready to provide field-proven protection. Such repairs include resins on corroded pipes. These melt at around 80°C, making passive fire protection essential to avoid disaster.


A reliable, tested solution, our ContraFlex® section jackets for pipework repairs stop resin going above 80°C and prevent it from damage after 60 minutes with no hot work necessary. ContraFlex® insulates and protects the prepared area, reducing its temperature rise during a fire.

Not only this, but installation time is much lower than traditional methods (such as intumescent paint systems), meaning we can perform around 25 repairs a day. It doesn't matter what size the repair is either; we have fitted segments as small as two inches and as big as 32 inches and can go beyond this if necessary. No matter what the size, ContraFlex® jackets are also easy to remove for maintenance purposes, making them ideal for inspecting repairs or changing the pipe.

Convenience comes in many forms with ContraFlex®. Another benefit of our section jackets for pipework repairs is that customers can add or remove sections and increase or decrease the outer diameter. Offshore operators find that this solution provides cost savings and efficiency.

In terms of performance, our passive fire protection jackets do more than protect pipes after repair work. They also maximise equipment efficiency and lifecycle, even in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have currently supplied thousands of sections of ContraFlex® around the world.

Do you have a requirement for reliable and convenient section jackets? Contact our expert team today on [email protected] to find out more.

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